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York Restoration Corporation Visits The Community Garden

June 17, 2010

York Restoration Image

There’s no better place for York Restoration Corporation to relax than in a garden. Even better? A garden situated in the middle of the best city in the world after a long walk in its streets.

York Restoration finished its latest stroll through Manhattan in this fine community garden. The natural pinks, yellows, and greens calmed us, sent us into fits of whimsy and contentment. We, and I’m speaking of people in general here, I think we need more than concrete to be truly happy people. Is this partially why, perhaps, New Yorkers are notoriously quick to snap at tourists?

Are we secretly jealous of their wilderness?

Of course, this smacks of rampant pastoralism. And York Restoration Corporation wouldn’t trade New York City for a hundred thousand million community gardens (or tourists). Definitely not tourists, bless their wide-eyed hearts and upturned eyes. But who here doesn’t long for a stream to fish in? A forest to get lost in?

Unfortunately, we’re not one of the New Yorkers who can afford to buy our way into weekly or even monthly sojourns to wild places. We, like so many others, rely on brief respites within our parks, both community and city (and state!).

Maybe this post has morphed into a call for more green places within the city, or maybe it’s turned into a bent-knee beg for a raise from our employer. Not sure!

I do know, however, that that 15 minutes of near-solitary thought in a cool, quiet place made for one of York’s better moments in the city. We’ll be back.

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