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York Looks For Time In All The Right Places

June 23, 2010

What's The Time Now?

Not too long ago, before the ubiquity of cell phones, PDAs, computers, wrist watches, pocket watches, and clocks of all sorts, the church was an important part of telling the time. This beautiful church clock tower that York Restoration Corporation walked by more than a few days ago probably was once relied upon to tell lots of people the time. Lovely!

Though it’s important to be on time, York wouldn’t mind avoiding the tether of cell phones, wrist watches, and other time-tellers. It’s nice to lose yourself and lose track of time while on a walk, as York did on its last stroll through Manhattan, only to be greatfully reminded of the hour by the happenstance of a church.

Ah well. Perhaps York Restoration Corporation was built for a different era. But then again, older eras didn’t have power grouters and Sawsalls!


York Restoration Corp. Visits The Church Of Saint Joseph

June 18, 2010

York Restoration Corporation Image

Just in case you weren’t tired of churches, yet!

This is the Church of St. Joseph, a very clean and neat church in Greenwich Village. The church was opened in 1924, and has since (of course)  gone under a number of renovations.

Not the least of which was adding a beautiful, wonderful, amazing organ! If you’ve a chance to sit in on a service… DO! That organ could bring tears to a dead man.

We usually think of churches as these dim areas with faded, worn stone edifices; quiet things filled with whispers and old books. This iteration of St. Joe’s is bright and cheerful with happy lines and colorful windows! We like the change-up, here! York was surprised to find, after a little reflection, that this church appealed to our aesthetic senses.

Does it yours? Leave us a comment!

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A Nice Church Spotted By York Restoration Corporation Near NYU

June 15, 2010

Church Image From York Restoration Corporation

So many beautiful churches in Manhattan. This one’s down by NYU, where York was walking around last week.

York Restoration Corporation hasn’t had a chance to restore many churches yet, and it’s a shame. We’d love to show off our one-of-a-kind restoration skills on such an important, permanent stage.

Some day. It’ll happen, we know it. Until then, we’ll keep enjoying these churches, cathedrals, and monasteries from afar, secretly rebuilding and restoring them in our minds.

Church Image By York Restoration Corporation

York Restoration Corporation Image

York Restorations Spots A Beautiful Cathedral

May 26, 2010

Shadowy cathedral spire

We hit the streets to take some shots of the beautiful structures we New Yorkers tend to “tune out” in our daily commutes. There’s so much to see, so much beautiful architecture (and incredibly ugly architecture, as well!), that maybe our brains shut down as some sort of defense mechanism.

Here’s a release valve.

Cathedral near union square taken by York Restoration Corporation

This church/cathedral caught York Restoration Corporation’s eye after a late breakfast/early lunch of fruit, yogurt, and granola. The weather’s been great, and the workload hasn’t overwhelmed and drowned our sense of adventure (yet), so we decided to set out on a walk after the brief meal.

Cameras in hand, we snapped shots of buildings we love, and this cathedral down near 14th, was one of the ones we all took pictures of.

If anyone knows when or how a church is officially a “cathedral” instead of a church, I’d love to hear it. We had a brief discussion as to whether this structure would be called one or the other, and we settled on cathedral because it’s so pretty. And fairly large.


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