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York Restorations Enjoys Union Square

May 28, 2010

York Restoration Corporation's view of union square

After a cool day, one who threatened and menaced New Yorkers by brandishing darkening clouds and a whisper of rain, York Restoration Corporation felt the need to take a balmy visit to Union Square.

With temperatures teasing the low 90s, York Restoration Corporation sunned and sipped cold tea in Union Square’s newly wide-opened northern plaza.

This particular shot is facing west, looking at a¬†aesthetically¬†odd grouping of buildings. A mixture of shops, office space, and the occasional rogue apartment, the grouping’s wildly different heights and styles is a fun accident of New York’s mixture of old and new.

Next time the weather breaks and drags you out from your office, into the sun, beverage of choice in-hand, take a quick look around at the mixture of architecture, all the brick, steel, glass, sparkling, drab, crumbling, brand spanking-new, strange buildings that make up the visual white noise of living in the greatest city on Earth.

This post brought to you by York Restoration Corporation


York Restorations Spots A Beautiful Cathedral

May 26, 2010

Shadowy cathedral spire

We hit the streets to take some shots of the beautiful structures we New Yorkers tend to “tune out” in our daily commutes. There’s so much to see, so much beautiful architecture (and incredibly ugly architecture, as well!), that maybe our brains shut down as some sort of defense mechanism.

Here’s a release valve.

Cathedral near union square taken by York Restoration Corporation

This church/cathedral caught York Restoration Corporation’s eye after a late breakfast/early lunch of fruit, yogurt, and granola. The weather’s been great, and the workload hasn’t overwhelmed and drowned our sense of adventure (yet), so we decided to set out on a walk after the brief meal.

Cameras in hand, we snapped shots of buildings we love, and this cathedral down near 14th, was one of the ones we all took pictures of.

If anyone knows when or how a church is officially a “cathedral” instead of a church, I’d love to hear it. We had a brief discussion as to whether this structure would be called one or the other, and we settled on cathedral because it’s so pretty. And fairly large.


This post brought to you by York Restoration Corporation