A faceless building needs no makeup

York Restoration Corp Faceless Building

York Restoration came upon this construction the other day and snapped a photo. It’s so exciting to see fresh construction, especially on an island like Manhattan. The possibilities! The pomp! What life must you lead to live in a penthouse suite? A 8th story brand-new 2-bedroom?

Already, in this skeleton of a building, you begin to imagine the layout, the floor plan, where the master suite will go, what size bed the new owners could fit, where the sectional couch should go, shelves, books, plants, cats, new cutlery from your in-laws, scuba vacations in the Keys, hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting; in the imagining, you inevitably substitute yourself – how can you not? – as “new condo owner” and see a new life filled with new things (not the least of which is this giant condo).

It’s guilt-free escapism, and it’ll cost you the price of a short stroll around your neighborhood.



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