Oh, to live in an apartment like this…

York Restoration Corporation Great Architecture

Don’t get us wrong – we here at York Restoration Corporation love our apartments and condos and little homes in and around Queens. Some of us even have a little back yard for our dachshunds to play in, or a little patio attached to our little apartments. We’re generally happy with where we are, if not so excited about the little bit of square footage we’ve for furniture, guests, and closets. And the like. Yes, York Restoration Corporation is pretty pleased with life, in general.

But! These apartments? Wow.

It’s hard to imagine living a life with so much natural light lighting our days and evenings. Look at those walls of windows! It’d be great to spend an evening reading some non-fiction – say, a biography on Herbert Hoover – while the streets below teemed with harried New Yorkers, scrambling to and from jobs and lives, most of which could never imagine how much nicer it is to live with an entire wall made out of windows.

Ah, well. This building is one of our recent favorites, here at York. We’re in love with the odd architecture, the spacious floor plans, and, of course, the windows.

Well played, apartment dwellers. You win this imaginary round.


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2 Responses to “Oh, to live in an apartment like this…”

  1. Alanna Says:

    Windows are great and natural sunlight is key – but it’s a bit like living in an ant farm, don’t you think?

    • nycrestorations Says:

      It would be, indeed! Luckily for those fishbowlers, there’s just enough tinting to keep out prying eyes the majority of the time. Unfortunately, though, when it’s night time and all the lights are on inside, your life is on display for anyone who happens to look up.

      99% of the time, though, the “window walls” are utilized for living rooms and dining rooms, and not bedrooms! Even the most excitable peeping tom would get bored of watching me watching reruns of Futurama, sitting on my duff, or eating a slice of pizza.

      Or maybe I’m giving the average peeping tom too much credit?

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