Astor Place Building, York Restoration Corporation Salutes You

Glass Building photo courtesy of York Restoration Corporation

Today, York Restoration Corporation‘s legion of cameras walks us past the Astor Place Building. The Astor Place Building is a mid-rise steel-and-glass number near Washington Square Park and NYU. What sets it apart from its more tame steel-glass brethren is its rounded, globular, lower facade that bends and rounds itself into a circular crown. Up top, the architecture squares itself off into swanky lofts for the luckier, wealthier citizens.

The interiors conform to the dips and bows; the dens and bedrooms’ views look out over the city from behind the tinted glass walls. Natural light? They’ve got it in spades.

It’s certainly a unique look. We’re glad to have a glass/steel structure whose architects can see beyond the fascination with straight lines and ho-hum high-rises. Is it the landmark, however, that the owners claim it to be? Well, not yet. No one instructs a tourist to “take a right at the Astor Place Building,” but maybe this is just step one in its progression towards fame?

The lipstick building didn’t exactly burn up the charts on its way to semi-notoriety, either. Who knows.

Until then (if that fine day ever comes), the Astor Place remains as a pleasant, if slightly anonymous, footprint in lower Manhattan.

This post brought to you by York Restoration Corporation


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