Oh, it’s ugly. So, so ugly. But that’s what makes it NY.

Ugly, probably. Interesting, arguably. New York, definitely.

Lots of complaints about the architecture, here. Looks like a building swallowed the biggest Christmas tree, ever. Then, it lumbered to midtown and sat down on a brick pinwheel.

When websites are comparing your brand new building’s aesthetics to soviet-era, modernist concrete apartment blocks, you know you’ve got a polarizing structure. But hell, look around – for as many beautiful, interesting, or esoteric buildings there are littering Manhattan like the trash building up in its subway tracks, there’re 5 or 10 instances of lazy, ugly, or abhorrent architecture.

Well, it ain't purty.

And that’s part of our draw! It’s somehow reassuring to see those Robert Moses-era, slummy, low-income highrises sticking out of lower Manhattan (Harlem, too!). At the very least, it’s getting people talking about the skyline.

It’s part of why New Yorkers fought the Lollipop building’s redesign for the American Museum of Design and Craft. We sorta like ugly. Ugly’s part of us, just like we’ve got a glut of world-class clothing models, we’ve got tons and tons of ordinary, below-average, or downright fugly people driving cabs, answering phones, or begging for change.

Look, I wouldn't stay here, but obviously *someone* is

It’s the city. Get used to it; you might even learn to enjoy it, someday.

If you're new, try starting here.

This entry brought to you by York Restoration Corporation


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