Empire State Building’s Lobby Restored!

Empire State Building's lobby ceiling gets a fresh coat of paint

From the NY Times:

Anthony E. Malkin, the president of Malkin Holdings, which owns the building, said the lobby had become “a real letdown,” in contrast with the lobbies of two other famous skyscrapers of similar age, the Chrysler Building and 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Mr. Malkin wanted the lobby to be more of a triumphant portal than a utilitarian passageway for tourists on the way to the observation deck and workers on the way to their offices.

Amen, Mr. Malkin. Buildings are so much more than a structure in which to work, or sleep, or eat a sandwich. There’s a reason we pay architects millions to design unique, beautiful, awe-inspiring artifices.

There’s an inherent beauty to each and every building, from the welfare tenement, whose exterior is muted from years of neglect, to the Burj Dubai, who’ll be scrape the heavens and maybe confuse some angels with its transcendent loveliness.

More power to anyone out there uncovering (or recovering) their buildings’ natural allure.

This entry brought to you by York Restoration Corp


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